I have always been interested in the Zero Waste movement and having that kind of lifestyle. This interest was highlighted when I moved back to Palestine ten months ago.

trash container jerusalem

In Palestine and the Middle East, there is a general lack of awareness about environmental issues and climate change. Waste management facilities barely exist. There is a lack of a culture of waste separation or recycling. This results in overfilled trash containers as people have nowhere to go with their trash. Containers are usually filled with everything ranging from food waste and packaging to cardboard boxes, electronics, furniture, and much more.

backyard trash

A typical morning, finding all the trash from the street that has blown into our garden.

Starting this blog came as a response to the frustration I experienced from this. I wanted to challenge myself and reduce my waste drastically, and at the same time motivate others to do the same.

In this blog, I try to work around the difficulty of not being able to separate waste. I write about simple measures that anyone can take to live a more sustainable lifestyle,  especially applicable to people living in the Middle East.

trash container jerusalem

trash container jerusalem food waste