Keep it fresh

One-third of the food we produce is wasted. A large portion of this waste results from our homes. Causes vary; it could be because of a past due date, or simply because food has been standing in the fridge too long. This is especially problematic for fresh produce like veggies and herbs that have a short shelf life if not taken care of properly. With simple hacks, you can extend the life of your food and keep it fresh longer.

  1. Put fresh herbs, like mint, parsley, basil, etc in a glass jar with a little water. This will keep them fresh longer. Reuse your old glass jars for this.
  2. If you choose to put your greens in a reused plastic bag, sprinkling some water on them while in the bag before putting them in the fridge will keep them fresh longer.
  3. Keep your food visible in the fridge. Often we forget we have certain foods as it’s easy we forget them in a corner of some shelf. So firstly, try to avoid buying too much fresh produce at one go to simply avoid having too much to deal with. Secondly, make a habit of putting food in the front so that it’s always visible to you when opening the fridge.
  4. Another way to preserve herbs, for instance, is to dry them. This makes them last longer and can be used throughout the year.