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Line Dry

One of the biggest advantages of living in Palestine is the weather. Apart from some rainy days, the weather allows you to line dry your washing even during winter when it’s colder and the sun sets faster. Try and plan your washing times carefully by washing before noon for example so that it gets the chance to dry as much as possible.

line dry

A big plus with line drying is that the sun acts as a natural whitening agent for white clothes, and can even remove impossible stains (turmeric stains for example). ☀️

Even in the absence of the sun, your washing can still dry as the wind airs the clothes and could remove unwanted smells. ☁️

Line drying also makes the washing less wrinkly, compared to tumble dryers, not to mention the cut energy costs. Tumble drying damages clothes and shortens their life, making them look wearier. Damages are even caused by the over washing of clothes, therefore try not to wash them unless it’s really necessary.

line dry

If you live in an apartment with no garden/roof to line dry, portable drying lines set up inside or on a balcony will do the job.

* To cut down on energy costs, even more, wash your clothes in as low temperature as possible (not more than 30/40 degrees Celsius as the energy needed for heating up water makes up a big percentage on the average energy bill.