♻️Paper Recycling♻️

You may have heard of the typical ways to limit paper use; avoid printing when not necessary; read, edit, and work with digital copies; use e-signatures. But the amount of paper we use on a daily basis can be overwhelming especially at workplaces and schools, where paperwork can seem unavoidable.

The lack of recycling options in Palestine is problematic, and paper is mostly thrown with household waste. However, there is an initiative in Palestine called Ommar El Ard Recycling (عمار الأرض). They offer paper pickup services from institutions, and later send these to recycling stations in the West Bank. They also provide a paper collection box in different sizes that can be put in offices (picture above). They accept paper from institutions, as well as from private households.

Installing a paper collection box and using this service could also be a way for your workplace to achieve its sustainability and responsibility goals.


Visit their website for more information about their services.

More about the project in Arabic here.