Quitting Plastic Bags

500 billion plastic bags are annually used worldwide. More than one million bags are used every minute.

The amount of plastic bags used in the world is unbelievable, especially considering that it takes hundreds of years for plastic bags to degrade in a landfill. In Palestine and the region, plastic bags are offered for everything. But avoiding plastic bags is in fact very easy.

You can considerably limit the amount of plastic bags being thrown in nature by:

  • Saying no to plastic bags when offered to you.
  • Bringing your own, reusable bag made from cloth or paper, or reuse your old plastic bags that you have stacked up with time. Keep them with you (in your bag or car) at all times, as they will come in handy when going grocery shopping.

    cloth bag

  • Don’t buy food wrapped in plastic packaging, and buy in bulk as much as you can (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds..).

    farmers market palestine
  • Buy your food from local markets (such as Farmer’s markets) where they offer paper bags instead of plastic ones. (I recommend joining the Facebook group Organic in Ramallah, where you can order organic vegetables in bulk and bring your own bag for pick up).

In case you go grocery shopping without carrying your own bag or do not have another option, try to buy in bulk and fill the bag as much as possible.

Check out Zero Waste Grocery Shopping for more tips!