Reusing shells

It’s planting season. For seeding, shells of different types work great as a substitute to the use-once plastic pots. I usually use the shells of eggs and citrus fruits and make use of them instead of going to waste. They look nice too!

It’s super easy, here’s how:

  1. Prepare a potting mix by mixing soil and some compost in a larger bucket.
  2. Make a tiny hole at the bottom of the shell with a needle or a small pen (for water drainage).
  3. Fill each shell with potting mix (do not fill it all the way up).
  4. Sprinkle out seeds and press them carefully into the soil  (approx 1 cm).
  5. Water lightly (make sure not to water too much so that the seeds do not float out). Keep the planted shells in a warm and light place.
  6. After 6-8 weeks, find a good place in your garden to plant your seedlings, don’t forget to water regularly.
  7. When done with the shells, and the seedlings have been planted out, compost the used shells in your backyard. Ground eggshells are an excellent source of calcium which is essential for plants.

orange shells

orange shells