Sustainable Stockings

Hosier and pantyhose are usually made out of petroleum, a non-renewable fossil fuel, and their manufacturing process requires huge amounts of energy and water. What makes this even worse is their short lifetime, as they could easily rip, making them one of our biggest consumables in the clothing industry, the second most polluting industry in the world.

Most stockings are made out of cheap and discardable nylon-based synthetic fibers, making them not only impossible to mend but imposes a huge source of plastic waste found in landfills and oceans. Every year, there are about 8 million tons of plastic dumped in the ocean!

An environmentally friendly alternative to using nylon-based stockings is the new brand of Swedish Stockings. They make sustainable pantyhose and stockings made out of the by-products of other recycled nylon stockings. They produce their stockings in a cleaner way, as they use 88% less energy than traditional stocking manufacturers, and save significant amounts of water.

The idea behind Swedish Stockings is producing modern, sophisticated long-lasting stockings.

Swedish stockings are based in Sweden but offer worldwide delivery. Their prices range between USD 20-25, a bit higher price range than classic nylon stockings, but is very much worth it.


They will last longer, making you save in the long run

Environmentally friendly

Fairtrade production


The packaging. Each pair of Swedish Stockings come in cardboard and plastic packaging, which does not support the zero-waste concept. However, they are working on a more environmentally-friendly solution for their packing.

Having them delivered implies emissions from the shipping process.

However, despite the con’s, they are still a much more sustainable option than traditional nylon stockings.

You can buy Swedish Stockings from their online store.

recycled stockings

If you are not able to buy Swedish Stockings online, try to be as environmentally conscious as possible when buying stockings. Instead of buying cheap disposable ones, try to find those that are of higher quality in order not to rip as easily. Also try to find ones made out of more sustainable materials, such as wool or silk instead of nylon.