Media Appearances

Palestine TV (Minute 1:10:00)

BBC Arabic

Sky News Arabia (minute 21:50)

Al-jazeerah zero-wasteAl-Jazeera


Untold Palestine


Bloomberg East (Asharq News)


in-soil composting
Afaq Environmental Magazine


Press TV


Associated Press (AP)


interview zero wasteAjyal Radio Network Podcast


Al-Mayadeen TV (Minute 03:20)


Sharing tips through the British Consulate General in Jerusalem about creative & simple ways to reduce food waste from our kitchens on the International Day of Awareness for Food Waste and Loss.


Wattan News


Afaq Environmental Magazine


BBC News عربي
BBC Arabic Radio (Minute 17:00)




Alquds channel interview
Quds Channel


Ajyal Radio Network


Build Palestine’s webinar on sustainable fashion


One Planet RatingAdopting a zero-waste lifestyle in a non-zero-waste friendly environment


The Unpackage Yourself challenge – a project designed and initiated by three Master’s students in Environmental Management and Policy at Lund University


Alam Channel



Qur’an Radio Nablus


voice of palestine radio zero waste
Voice of Palestine (Minute 28:00) – February 13th, 2020


voice of palestine radio zero waste
Voice of Palestine (Minute 28:44) – June 18th, 2020


Mad wa Jazr Podcast

Alwatan News